Claire Yaffa

Photography: A Remarkable Journey

How Does a Photographer Begin?

Photography seems very different today. In this digital age, everything seems to be there waiting for you… However, it has always been there. It has always been up to the photographer or artist to see, to feel, to enforce who he or she is and what it is they want to capture with a camera, brush, or pen, I have learned it is about being here, where we are, at any particular moment. During the discovery process we learn, listen, see,feel the world in which we live. The distractions are many, drugging you, hypnotizing you not to be present, not to be here, but it is necessary to withstand these currents. It is essential to be aware and find the place where you can discover who you are. I have tried to merge my camera with who I am. I ask often, “who is that?” My camera enables me to reach out to other worlds, discovering what I could not without it. I know I care deeply about what happens to another person. I know I appreciate the gifts of my life. I am grateful for all that I have had. Through difficult times and the best, I am surviving. I portray what I feel. Photography has been a remarkable journey and it has enabled me to become who I am.