Claire Yaffa

Claire Yaffa


Claire Yaffa is a noted freelance photographer known for her social realism.

Her work has been exhibited at The International Center of Photography, The Neuberger Museum, The Hudson River Museum, The United Nations and Fait et Cause, Paris, France, among others, and she has photographed for a variety of medical organizations, including The Foundation for Children with Learning Disabilities, Bronx Lebanon Hospital, New York School for the Deaf, and Columbia Presbyterian Hospital. She has been photographing for The New York Foundling Hospital since 1979.

Recent Exhibitions include:
January 2010 – Exhibition Foto & fine Art Leica Galerie, Frankfurt, Germany
November 2010 – Exhibition Leica Gallery, Solms, Germany

Upcoming Exhibitions:
2011 – Leica Gallery Saltzberg, Austria

Her publications include Reaching Out (on child abuse); A Dying Child is Born: The Story of Tracy (Children with AIDS); Homeless in Westchester County; A History of the New York Foundling Hospital; Light and Shadow; Moments; Life’s Dream; and Divertissement ...I Dreamed a Dream.