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Douglas Charles Yaffa

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I think one of the reasons I became a photographer was to enable me to take this photograph of my grandson Douglas.  I have photographed many children who have been compromised. I have portrayed them with the love I felt for them.  What I saw was a child, no matter what his label was, a child…in need of love, attention and guidance.  All children need to be treated with kindness and respect. Many do not have this opportunity.
My dearest Douglas, how does one express a grandmother’s love?  It is beyond expression and I wish for every child, a love, to be able to become who they will be.


google images

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I was just informed by a friend to look at google images. When four photographs appear, with Rita Hayworth being the first one, print in the name of a photographer.  I put in my name and was surprised to see some of my images reproduced.  How does this happen?  I have no idea, but it certainly is incredible what can happen without one even knowing it is there and it is very nice to see.

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