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I was just informed by a friend to look at google images. When four photographs appear, with Rita Hayworth being the first one, print in the name of a photographer.  I put in my name and was surprised to see some of my images reproduced.  How does this happen?  I have no idea, but it certainly is incredible what can happen without one even knowing it is there and it is very nice to see.

the honor of knowing these LEICA photographers-Marc Ribou- Cornell Capa-

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The honor of knowing these LEICA photographers….Micha-bar-Am…...Marc Riboud…Cornell Capa.  Thank you for your art and for knowing you and treasuring your art and your friendships.  A gift forever and never to be replaced.


The Art of Caring-book and exhibition

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I just received the publication “The Art of Caring” A look at Life Through Photography.  This was an exhibition in New Orleans which closed October 11.  During the 5 month showing at the New Orleans Museum of Art, the exhibition was seen by over 50,000 visitors.  The Art of Caring begins a National tour next year: Cinncinati Museum Center, Fort Lauderdale Art Museum, The Art Museum of South Texas, and additional exhibitions for 2010-2011 are being planned.  I am honored to have been a part of this exhibition and book along with incredible photographers, Annie Liebowitz, Gordon Parks, Eisenstadt, Diane Arbus, Sally Mann, Joel Meyerowitz, Harry Callahan Nan Goldin, Mary Ellen Mark, Salgado,
Sally Mann, Nicholas Nixon and more.
In the preface, Cynthia Goodman the guest curator writes about the exhibition and photographers.  I had three photographs selected and in the segment titled Mother and Child, she wrote “Claire Yaffa turns her gaze onto the most everyday objects and occurences and endows them with a transcendent quality, Mother and Child depicts a shirt-clad mother and small child whose torso, naked buttocks and small feet are shown.  In this tightly focused shot, mother and infant merge in a symbolic gesture of their eternal bond, captured in this classic embrace.”
In my other two photographs selected, she wrote,“Claire Yaffa is known for her realistic depiction of tough topics such as child abuse, children with AIDS, orphans and the homeless.  Tracy, the child portrayed in two heart-wrenching photographs “A Dying Child is Born I and “A Dying Child Born II..was part of her poignant photo essay “A Dying Child is Born” and ten year study documenting children with AIDS.

I am so very proud to have been a part of this exhibition and book and thank Ruder Finn Press, publisher of my last three books and Susan Slack, Editorial Director.  My next book, “Life’s Spirit” will be published by Ruder Finn Press, December 2010.

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