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from my window

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Morning Light-my studio 6:00 am

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What are we teaching our children?- Sportsman Firearm & Knife Show/sale-Westchester County Center

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After canceling the exhibition of knives and guns after 9/11 by County Executive Andrew Spano, the new County Executive, rob Astorino has reinstated this event.  With the expectation pf pver 3,000 people for attendance June 19th and June 20th, I attended and also called the County Executive’s office to protest the celebration of firearms and knives, “Sportsman Firearm and Knife show/sale. “WERE BACK” the title of the headline in their brochure.  One purchaser said, “I have been waiting for them to return”!  He asked me, “what are you doing here?” I replied, ” I was there because I do not like violence, killing another human being or animal.  I do not like an event which under the guise of a sport, celebrates violence.”

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