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morning light 7 a.m.

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Digital vs. Film

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I often think when I am photographing with my digital camera, I am somehow betraying my heritage of photographing with film. I no longer spend hours developing and printing.  These were the happiest experiences of my photographic career.  I still love the smell of the chemicals, and still put my hands in the developer, stop bath and fixer, but then did not worry about the chemicals and their toxicity.  This was my time, with my music, my film, photographs..some which I particularly loved late at night after a glass of vodka.. when I thought I was the next Cartier Bresson.  Morning changed all of that.  I thought I had created the best work I had ever done, but when day light arrived, I was not so sure.  At this time, I am making peace with digital vs. film.  I incorportate both of them into my world.  I recognize that I photograph more when I use my digital camera because I know I will not spend hours in the darkroom to retrieve the image which inspired the photograph.  For me digital is like practicing my scales, as a musician or any other artist, getting ready for a performance .Digital photography has opened new ways of seeing for me.  I may not like the ultimate photo, but I saw it and I tried to capture it and I sometimes do like it and am grateful for the opportunity it gave me to take the photograph.  Would the photograph have been better if I had my M6 Leica with all my lenses?  I do not know.  There are so many people with cameras photographing in our world today.  It is truly wonderful that people are becoming aware enough to look at a flower, a tree or sunrise or show the love they have for one another.  We are all photographers no matter how we decide to proceed ...with film or digital or nothing at all.  Hopefully, we will continue to try to capture and enjoy
the beauty and life which surrounds us.

The Red Hat etc.

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