Claire Yaffa

Children With AIDS

Collection available for exhibition - The Changing Face of Children with AIDS - A 10 year documentation

The series of children with AIDS began in 1990 at the Incarnation Children’s Center in Bronx, New York, New York City’s only skilled nursing facility providing specialized care for children and adolescents living with HIV/AIDS, from 1990-2000. During those ten years, most of the children did not live.  When Claire Yaffa first came to Incarnation Children’s Hospital, it was difficult to get permission from the Bureau of Social Services or a parent to photograph their child.  When Yaffa started photographing her, she said to Dr. Nicholas, the medical director of Incarnation_ Children’s Center, that she would be careful not to photograph the little girl’s face. His reply was, “don’t worry, there is no one except all of us who cares about her.”  At her funeral, at 13 months of age, there were only three people present. Claire Yaffa was one of them.The monograph “A Dying Child is Born: The Story of Tracy,” marks the 13 month life span of a child born prematurely with the AIDS virus, her mother having left the hospital and abandoning her after giving birth. There is, however, one child among those Yaffa photographed who hopefully is still living. _When he came to the Center, at 18 months of age, he could not walk or talk, but he has since been adopted and should be about 16 years old now.

The work done at this remarkable institution is an important part of the history of children with AIDS. Great progress has been made in the intervening years. Now, if a mother is HIV positive and is given medication while she is pregnant, her child will not be infected with AIDS. _Dr. Stephen Nicholas and his staff were welcoming and helpful during Yaffa’s ten year photo and emotional odyssey. The photographs were exhibited in the United States and Fait et Cause Gallery in Paris._

The photographs from A Dying Child is Born are in the permanent collection of the International Center of Photography.

Includes: 36 mounted and framed photographs in shipping case 56” length x 32” wide x 36” high

23 photographs 18 5/8 x 24
10 photographs 27"x21”
1 photograph 22x29
1 TITLE:  20x24
1 photographs 25 1/2x25 1/2

This collection has been previously exhibited at:
Incarnation Children’s Hospital, Bronx, New York
Sarah Lawrence College
Cleveland Museum of Health and Science
Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Neuberger Museum
Fait et Cause. Paris France
New Orleans Museum of Art (two photographs from Tracy series “A Dying Child is Born”
Permanent collection:  The International Center of Photography, New York:  A Dying Child is Born” portfolio of 10 prints, 27” x 21”