Claire Yaffa


...I Dreamed a Dream

$25.00 | ISBN: 978-1932646474 | September, 2008 | Buy the Book

Because her distinguished career began as a photojournalist known for social realism, exploring the topics of child abuse, children with AIDS, and the homelessness, when Claire Yaffa turned her camera on the intricacies of her own surroundings, her sensitive eye was able to pinpoint the hope and yearning that reside quietly there.

In Divertissement…I Dreamed a Dream the third in a series of visual poems (her two earlier publications were Moments and Life’s Dream) Yaffa, through the words of her own poem and her exquisite images, has drawn a moving picture of loss and memory, and beneath it the commandment to appreciate all that one experiences, and embrace it as part of oneself, before it is no more. Before the present becomes the past.

Her words and images flow gently, challenging readers to enter her introspective world and add their own emotions to the extraordinarily evocative scenes she has captured from daily life.

Claire Yaffa’s dream is of longing and realizations, and through her sensitive vision, has become universal and eternal.

Fine Art Exhibition
Selected prints from Claire Yaffa’s fine art books are available for exhibition.

33 silver-gelatin photographs, printed 8 x 10, mounted 11 x 14. Limited edition of 25 signed verso-$750.00-$1,200 USD.

For further exhibit information including shipping arrangements and terms of agreement contact Claire Yaffa Photography at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

This collection has been previously exhibited at:
Leica Gallery New York, NY Summer 2008 (part of the Master Series of Photographers)