Claire Yaffa

Leake and Watts

Leake and Watts Children’s Home, Yonkers, New York is a foster home for unwanted children. Claire Yaffa volunteered to do an annual report, and showed some of her photographs to Sean Kernan, a photographer, who was teaching a photographic class at Manhattanville College. He suggested that she go back and she did, spending several months there. Yaffa found that the children enjoyed the attention and made sure that they received a photograph of themselves. The result was a photographic exhibition at the Hudson River Museum in Yonkers and the children and staff of Leake and Watts were invited to the opening exhibition.  The exhibition was titled “The Blue Hammer,” based on a story written by one of the boys about a blue hammer that nobody wanted because it was blue. It was thrown away, but one day someone found it and thought it was special.