Claire Yaffa

Life’s Dream

$25.00 | ISBN: 978-1932646276 | February 25, 2007 | Buy the Book

After years of photographing society’s victims and the disadvantaged, Claire Yaffa turned her camera lens on the delicate, unnoticed images that swirl around us. She began to explore the world of light and shadow, and her finely tuned eye discovered the elusive messages—soundless voices, more than memories, less than flashes of the future—that fleeting images can inspire.

A sensitive and distinguished photographer, Yaffa’s Life’s Dream is a visual poem filled with sensual visions of the human condition. The startle us, they challenge us; they invite recognition, emotion, introspection. Her images are found in the familiar, but are transformed by her unique vision. With a beautifully written, brief poetic text and an introduction by legendary photographer Gordon Parks.

Fine Art Exhibition
Selected prints from Claire Yaffa’s fine art books are available for exhibition.

33 silver-gelatin photographs, printed 8 x 10, mounted 11 x 14. Limited edition of 25 signed verso-$750.00-$1,200 USD.

For further exhibit information including shipping arrangements and terms of agreement contact Claire Yaffa Photography at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

This collection has been previously exhibited at:
Leica Gallery New York, NY Summer 2008 (part of the Master Series of Photographers)