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Red Dog Journal by Tim Anderson from Camera Arts, April 17 2009

I really like the photography of Claire Yaffa.  Her simplicity, sensuality, introspection, and clarity, all provide me with many moments of viewing pleasure…...We just see images that make us think, make us wonder, make us smile, and best of all, make us keep coming back for more.  “Yaffa shares her sensual visions of elusive patterns created by light and shadow”.  Presented in an intimate format, the images celebrate in line and form the beauty and grace.  The self portrayed in her work is tender, poetic and gentle.  Her photographs invite a detailed perspective of our world, from the broad, sweeping motion of a forest to the fluid line of a leaf”. (from a review at, where the book is available.

Leica Gallery

June 28 2008

To us, while her work focuses on the world’s serious problems, it also causes one to reflect on life’s transiency and therefore, the need to treasure each moment in time. Leica gallery is proud to exhibit this selection of her work.

The Camera Obscura Gallery

January 19 2007

The Camera Obscura Gallery is pleased to present its third exhibition of the sensuous and poignant work of Claire Yaffa. She illuminates objects that normally go unseen turning the commonplace into the intriguing… her finely tuned eye discovers the elusive messages that fleeting images inspire resulting in photographs of beautiful movement and emotion.

Capturing Life's Fleeting "Moments"

The Journal News, December 27 2005

Yaffa is a photographer who has never shied away from the sorrowful and disturbing aspects of life. Although her earliest photos, shot in 1967, were baby pictures of her first son, advice from renowned photographer Cornell Capa sent her down a different path — where she spent the next 40 years.

What is it you want to say with your photographs?’ Capa asked.

Her answer: Children who are sick, abandoned or abused are children like all others.

Claire Yaffa: Finding Her Way In Time

Camera Arts, August 13 2005

Yaffa’s admirers and those who have been immediately impacted by her work, are legion. In 1995, Westchester Arts Council awarded Yaffa its Arts Award for her dedication to ‘looking at the problems and needs of society’s victims.’ Yaffa’s audience is twofold, including both the marginalized in society, non-profit institutions, and civic organizations and the fine-arts community.

Leica World Cover

Henri-Cartier Bresson, February 10 2004

He liked things discreet. And fought shy of other people’s cameras. Claire Yaffa, Leica photographer has nevertheless succeeded (masterfully) in portraying Henri-Cartier Bresson.

Who WIll Remember?

The Journal News, September 07 1994

Who will Remember? Yaffa’s photo documentary exhibit of portraits of Holocaust survivors, children of survivors and Christian rescuers tells their stories before it becomes too late.  As Yaffa’s body of work evolved, a central motif emerged, “the strength and dignity of the human being to survive.” “Yaffa caught the closeness of my mother and myself” said Clara Knofler   In this photo documentary, one of the subjects portrayed is 100 -year-old Wit Landau with her great granddaughter. She says, “I was born in 1892 in Poland. I remember everything. They took me in the middle of the night. They didn’t take my son, he was hiding. My daughter was sleeping.”

"Homeless" Review

The Journal News, March 28 1988

Homeless and human. Exhibit shows the dignity of the displaced… they are stark and powerful.

"Homeless" Review

The New York Times, March 20 1988

She has captured in these pictures of the homeless is the variety of real human experience that exists in these people. She has really gone in and made a study of their lives… a very gifted photographer.

Leake and Watts Exhibition Review: Focusing on Children at their Natural Best

The New York Times, June 04 1978

The familiarity that springs from close observation is felt in the photographs of Claire K. Yaffa. A photographer who seems as comfortable with children as she is with her camera is Claire K. Yaffa. These pictures are striking for their visual candor. Whether Mrs. Yaffa is focusing on children in homes or on people in any environment, she is relaxingly at one with her subjects. She has the gift of adapting her technique to what is before her lens….the works are marked with a raw simplicity After we have seen the people in these photographs, we remember many of them… they become a part of our lives.


"Claire Yaffa is a photographer of profound purpose and balance. Her images sing of the light and the dark, radiating hope and promise, even in the most difficult circumstances" –Mary Ann Lynch, Camera Arts

"An exotic kinship of photgraphy, art and poetry flows through Claire Yaffa's camera like one lovely stream. The warmth of her poetry, lending solace to the imagery, is there, all there." –Gordon Parks

"Claire Yaffa has evolved towards one of the great timeless photographic traditions, of her the study of form, light and their sensual all artists she has reinvented the genre with her own silent elegance, and those who are willing to see will be touched in a way that only poetry can touch. The font of her passion is love, not ambition. These photographs are timeless in a time that has no patience for nuance. Look, see for yourself." –Duane Michaels

"The photographs are beautiful and the image does remain." –Cornell Capa